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12 Best Cheap Honeymoon Spots

Your honeymoon will be one of the most special times of your life, so you want to go to one of the most beautiful locations in the world. If you find yourself doing lots of research but getting discouraged by some of the prices, don’t panic. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy time with your partner after your wedding. Although all inclusive packages may look appealing, we have curated a list of 12 of the best places for you to honeymoon, both in the United States and abroad. Get ready to pack your bags because adventure awaits you!

1. Puerto Rico, United States

Puerto Rico is famous for its amazing beaches, lovely resorts, jungles, offshore islands, and walkable main city that makes it fun for all travelers. This location is appealing for many reasons. It is accessible from almost all large North American cities, people drive on the right side of the road, and U.S. citizens don’t need a passport to visit. Resorts offer great prices and you can get an uber for half the cost of one in the United States. It is a great place for a worry free vacation with great food!

2. Florida Keys, United States

If you don’t want to travel outside of the U.S., the Florida Keys are a great place for you and your new spouse to enjoy some down time before starting your life together. These silky sand beaches are the perfect place to enjoy some R&R or head onto the water for some adventure packed fun. Beachside accommodations are all over the islands and the fun never ends on Key West’s Duval Street, where they have some delicious food to try (especially the key lime pie)!

3. Riviera Maya, Mexico

This hidden gem is just south of Cancun, meaning it has all of the amazing beaches you seek without all of the tourists. The region begins with the town of Puerto Morelos and ends with Punta Allen. This area has all inclusive resorts with amazing deals or smaller, beach-side hotels for a more intimate feel. If you want to tap into your adventurous side, there are Maya ruins scattered throughout the region and lots of great spots for turtle watching!

4. Thailand

Of course, the cost of flying to Thailand isn’t cheap, but everything in the beautiful country is. If you are having a winter wedding, this might be the perfect place for you to visit. November through April is the country's cool, dry season. It is the perfect time of year to enjoy the beaches without being drenched in sweat. You can roam the streets of Phuket and enjoy the amazing street food or sit along the sun kissed beaches for a relaxing day with your partner.

5. Costa Rica

Costa Rica has plenty of amazing natural attractions -- from volcanoes, cloud forests, national parks and beautiful beaches -- that it is nearly impossible to see and do everything! The small island is incredibly geographically diverse, giving you chances to see marine life, monkeys, and sloths. If you do decide to go to more remote areas, you might need to speak a little spanish, but google translate should be enough to help you if you are lost.

6. Las Vegas, United States

Las Vegas is famous for its eloping and honeymoon spots! There are grand hotels throughout the city that offer hundreds of amazing attractions. You can take a gondola ride through the man-made canals at the Venitian, marvel at the dancing fountain at the Bellagio, walk the strip with your partner, or dance the night away at one of the famous clubs. If you want a break from the big city, there are hundreds of amazing hiking trails right outside the city or you can drive to Lake Mead National Park to enjoy the scenic views of the clear water (just 30 minutes away by car). The Hoover Dam is connected to the lake and offers tours of the man-made structure or you can take a day trip to the Grand Canyon to enjoy one of the world’s miracles (only four hours away by car). You will never get bored in this city of wonders!

7. Belize

This small country offers amazing natural adventures for everyone seeking a thrilling, but relaxing, honeymoon. It is the only English speaking Central American country and offers people a good mix of Mayan ruins and beautiful beaches. You are also able to snorkel on the Belize Barrier Reef, the second largest barrier reef in the world. You can zipline over waterfalls in the northern half of the country and travel to the lower half to see jaguares and other wild cats before settling on the beautiful beaches!

8. Jamaica

In the birthplace of reggae music, you could never get bored. Hop along one of the overwater bungalows, hike to waterfalls, or sit on the white beaches, snorkel, or dance barefoot in the sand! Travel is easy in this English speaking country where the fun never ends, and restaurants accept the U.S. dollar. The best time to visit is December to March, although the shoulder season of April to May sees more deals and fewer tourists. This is the perfect place to enjoy a fun-filled, relaxing vacation!

9. Portugal

Portugal is a great way to have your dream European vacation on a budget. It is much cheaper than its neighbor Spain, and offers all of the same local charm. You can find rustic fishing villages, urban neighborhoods, medieval castles, and endless olive groves. This beautiful country will set your honeymoon apart as you enjoy all of the old European charm without breaking the bank!

10. Bali, Indonesia

Spirituality meets serenity on the island of Bali, where you and your spouse can enjoy some calming yoga, getting in touch with nature, or surfing the beautiful waters. Bali is famous for its cooking classes, couples massages, yoga retreats, and romantic dinners where you can connect with yourself and your new partner before starting your lives together.

11. Ireland

If you just had your fairytale wedding, but don’t want the romance to end, look no further than Ireland! It is famous for its castles turned into hotels, where you can stay the night and feel like a princess. There are plenty of amazing castle hotels that cost as little as $200 a night and offer spa amenities, pools, fine dining, golf courses, and afternoon tea. You can spend your time horseback riding, hiking the woodlands, or learning archery. If you want to save money, fly into the Shannon Airport. It is closer to the United States. You will be sure to enjoy all of the same romantic scenery without having to break the bank!

12. San Juan Islands, United States

If you are looking for an adventure packed honeymoon, the San Juan Islands are the place for you! These islands are located just north of Seattle. The lovely town of Friday Harbor can be reached by a ferry ride. You can enjoy farm-to-table restaurants, antique stores, boutiques, museums, and bookstores. You are likely to see harbor seals, bald eagles, porpoises, and other marine life. If you visit May through October, there are orca whale tours where you can kayak or take a boat to see the amazing creatures. If you want a relaxing day, enjoy biking around the quiet island or enjoy one of the rocky beaches!


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