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What is a coordinator?

Coordinator Vs. Planner

A question that is often asked: what is the difference between a coordinator and a wedding planner? The answer is quite simple. Coordinators are there to coordinate the wedding. They will take over the process near the end, and be the liaison between the couple and the vendors. They confirm contracts, create a day-of timeline, and are there on that day to make sure that everything goes according to plan. Rarely are coordinators involved in the earlier planning processes of the wedding. However, depending on when you book, they are often there for support and to answer any questions you may have. On the other hand, full service wedding planners take care of everything during the planning process, as well as being there to coordinate at the end. They manage all aspects from the budget, picking out vendors, and helping the couple create their vision. A planner can do as little or as much as a couple wants them to. In the end the major difference is that a full service planner takes over the entire planning process. Whereas a coordinator takes over at the end to ensure the couple has a stress free day. (Author: Sarah)


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