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Wedding Trends of 2021

Every year, wedding trends change to match the forecast of the year ahead. Traditionally, these changes include color pallets, cake trends, and dress styles that enhance the excitement of a wedding. However, 2021 has been rocked with dramatic changes to the traditional wedding styles. This year, brides have had to be creative with the foods they are serving, seating arrangements, and welcome gifts in order to adhere to social distancing guidelines and achieve their dream day. Luckily, weddings aren’t stopping; they are adapting. We have compiled a list of the most delectable, funky, and stylish trends for the 2021 wedding season.

Mini D’Oeuvres

The rise of charcuterie boards has inspired the rise of small plates. Small plates allow for indiduaized portions: mason jars with fun jams, single-serving grazing boards, and picnic baskets for those who want to stay or go. This is an inventive, safe way for couples to celebrate their union. In North Carolina, you could pair sweet jams from the mountains (with crackers) and strawberries from a local farm for a sweet taste of the south. Guests will be thrilled with the thoughtful thinking.

The Welcome Box

Hand sanitizer and social distancing signs have become a staple at weddings in 2021. In order to make their guests feel special, many people are including a welcome box at the entry touchpoint. This experimental alternative to a welcome bag is the perfect way to store all of the guest’s essentials: programs, masks, hand sanitizer, and even gifts. Already, couples are working with pro-designers to develop the perfect box for their big day.

Tiny Toasts

As weddings get smaller and more intimate, the tiny toast provides a fun way for all of your loved ones to be involved in your wedding. Instead of a long toast, given by a maid of honor or best man, each member of the wedding party can tell a small story, reminiscent of their time with the couple. This dinner-party style approach to toasting has become popular, allowing each guest to give a toast. In reverse, couples are also proposing toasts, taking time to thank their loved ones.

Single-Tier and Mini Cakes

Couples are getting clever with the tradition of the wedding cake. Couples are focusing more on design and intricacy, rather than size. Each of the cakes can make an impact on the guests, rather than one large cake that is hard to individualize. Similarly, single tier cakes allow couples to incorporate details of their wedding into smaller cakes, allowing their vision to stand out to their guests. It is a fun way for guests to eat their wedding favors.

Mismatched Seating

With more weddings outside, brides are getting more creative with their decor. You have seen mismatched bridesmaid dresses, but now we are seeing a rise in mismatched seating and tables. In the past, many vendors provided the bride with standardized seating options (square, circle, rectangular… the options were endless), without mixing and matching. The mismatched seating options allow for safer meeting options and photograph beautifully.

All photographs are by Amy Ledyard Photography


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