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7 Alternatives to the Garter and Bouquet Toss

Not into the idea of a garter or bouquet toss at your wedding? No worries! Many couples are reinventing traditions to find ways that work for them -- or simply ditching them all together. You want your wedding to be fun for you and your guests, so make it your own. According to studies done by The Knot, the garter and bouquet toss are becoming less popular. There are many valid reasons that you might want to steer away from them: maybe you want to spend less time on the dance floor or maybe they make you uncomfortable. But if you like the idea keeping this tradition at your wedding, here are some fun ways to change it to fit your style.

#1 Bouquet Presentation

If you want everyone to join in on the fun, hand your bouquet over to your friends and your family. You can also break your bouquet into smaller pieces to hand out among your guests.

#2 Anniversary Dance

Opt for a dance where all of the married couples join in on the fun! While you are dancing, the DJ can eliminate couples depending on the amount of time they have been married. This is a fun activity for those who have just gotten married (literally!) and those who are celebrating 50 years together. Present your bouquet to the couple who has been married the longest.

#3 Pass the Torch

Instead of presenting your bouquet to someone who has been married the longest, give it to a couple who is about to get married as well. This is a fun way to wish them luck on their big day!

#4 Make a Little Girl’s Day

Almost every girl who has seen a movie or been to a wedding knows what a bouquet toss is. If you want to make it a fun activity for the kids, gather them together to try and catch the bouquet. Of course, this might limit your friends' potential to drop hints to their partners, but it might make your little loved ones giddy with joy.

#5 Toss Only

When it comes to the garter toss, you might feel uncomfortable about searching under your partner’s dress (and you wouldn’t be the first). Don’t be afraid to abbreviate this tradition so it works for you -- toss a garter that nobody’s been wearing to avoid awkward looks from your parents and grandparents.

#6 Breakaway Bouquet

Toss away the bouquet to all of your quests -- not just the single ones! A breakaway bouquet comprises smaller, individual bouquets or single flowers tied together. It will be sure to surprise everyone when you throw your large, bountiful bouquet and it breaks into smaller ones for everyone to catch!

#7 Nix the Tradition Altogether

Trust us when we say this: nobody is going to miss the garter or bouquet toss if you skip them! Who wants to stop dancing anyways? You should do everything you want to do at your wedding -- and skip all the rest. Don’t stress if there is another tradition you want to replace this with or have decided to continue dancing. The most important thing is that your wedding goes exactly the way you want it to.

All photographs were taken by Just A Dream Photography


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