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My Tips for Attending a Bridal Show

January is a month full of Bridal Shows. They are FUN and sometimes overwhelming. I have listed some tips that will help to reduce the stress.

1) Each vendor will typically ask for your name, address, email and phone number. Depending on the number of vendors present at the show, you could end up writing this information a million times. To avoid writer's cramp, have your information pre-printed on labels. The labels can be placed on their welcome sheet.

2) If you choose to give every vendor your information you will be inundated and overwhelmed. Have someone maintain or monitor your email and phone calls. Choose not to give your information but gather the vendor's information so that you can contact them at your leisure. You can even set up an email address just for vendors to contact you!

3) Don't try to remember anything! Take some notes - better yet have your bridesmaid do it for you! If they give you a handout jot down what you liked or remembered. That way you can comb through information at your leisure!



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