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5 Star Review

5.0 Lindsey

Carla was a dream to work with ! We were on a budget and she worked with us. We gave her our vision and fairytale like wedding on a budget and she helped make sure we got our dream wedding. When I would stress beyond belief over things related to the wedding she was there to calm me down and ensure everything would be fine. Her husband and partner was also a dream to work with. When I was nervous about walking down the aisle ( not a big fan or crowds and attention all on me) he told me the hard part was over and it was time to party. Both Carla and her husband were amazing ! They really love what they do and it shows ! She also runs a decor rental business as well and saved us literally $100+ on decorations for the wedding ! When you hire Carla you are literally hiring a dream deal ! Carla I can never thank you enough for all the amazing things you and your husband did for us ! If you do not hire Carla you are making a horrible decision! You want her on your side and big day she really is a dream maker and I can not say enough good things !!!

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