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5 hidden costs to your wedding budget

When it comes to a wedding, every couple budgets for the venue, the dress, a photographer, the cake, and the other well known vendors. But what about the expenses that no one thinks about? Some couples like to have absolutely everything budgeted out, and some like to keep some of these costs separate. Either way, you will definitely want to consider these costs when thinking about your wedding budget!

  1. Postage: you are going to need stamps to send out all those invitations, save the dates and RSVP! Right now one stamp costs $0.55. If you are sending 100 invitations and 100 RSVP that is $110! 

  2. Undergarments and accessories: your wedding dress wouldn’t be perfect without the right undergarments! Certain silhouettes require different types of slips. You also have to think about the type of bra you will wear. Is your dress backless? Does it have a plunging neckline? You also have to consider veil, shoes, jewelry, and any other accessories you want for your big day. Don’t forget the groom! What kind of tie? Will he wear cufflinks? What about a new cologne? 

  3. Tips and gratuities: unless it is built into your contract, tipping is never mandatory. However, it is a nice way to thank all your vendors for helping you on your special day. Make sure you read through your contracts because gratuities are sometimes already built in. Also keep in mind that a service charge is not necessarily a gratuity. A good thing to do would be to prep your tips before the wedding, and put them in labeled envelopes for each vendor. As for how much to tip, anywhere between 15%-20% of the costs of the service is customary. 

  4. The marriage license: yes a marriage license is going to cost you, and a lot of couples forget this. You will have to go to your local registrar to get your license, and the cost is dependent on where you are located. In Mecklenburg County it will cost you around $60. And extra $10 to have a certified copy mailed to yoh.

  5. Sales tax and service charges: When a caterer quotes you $25 per person and you have 100 guests invited, the expected cost would be $2,500. However, you have to remember taxes and service fees. This goes for all your vendors. Service fees depend on how many people will be needed, and what day your wedding is on. Right now, taxes are around 7% depending on the service you are receiving. 

Remember, even if you do think about all the hidden costs surrounding your wedding, there may be unexpected costs that come up. It is always a good idea to have a little extra set aside for if this happens. Happy Planning!

(Author: Sarah)


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