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Wedding Trends

For 2020-2021 the trend is simple elegance. Couples are opting for a more intimate event with only their nearest and dearest. This allows couples to spend their budget more lavishly. Just because couples are keeping it simple does not mean they are not going big or bold. The decor trend for 2020- 2021 is oversized decor, and giant statement pieces. Some choices include oversized balloons, floral walls/arches, and huge centerpieces. Unique lights are also a big trend. Brides are using custom neon signs, as well as creating canopies of lights. The color trend is pastels, with blue and peach being a big combination. Couples are choosing bigger blooms for their flowers, and using the arrangements as pops of color. Couples are also opting for greenery instead of flowers. No matter what the trends are, this is your day!! ( author:Sarah).


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