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Why is a Photography Shot List Important

Your wedding photos are what you and your spouse will be able to look back on after the big day is done. They will be your MEMORIES for years to come. Now you may think that the photographer will just know what pictures to take, and they do if they have been doing wedding photography for a while. However, it is important to have a photography shot list for multiple reasons. For one, it helps streamline the process. If you have the shot list organized by specific type of picture such as getting ready, family members, the couple, and detailed shots, it will help the photographer stay on track. Another reason why it is important is it will highlight specifically what photos you want to be taken. Some questions you can ask yourself when compiling a shot list are: What moments are most important to you? What details do you want highlighted? What family members do you want to include? Do you want pictures of the dancing/party? You can also look up examples of photos to show your photographer so he/she can get a visual of what kind of shots you are looking for. Your photographer might also have a generic shot list you can ask to see. From there, you can add to if you want. You can also look online for an example of a shot list and customize it to be your own. Happy Planning! (Sarah T)


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